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• No Need For Battery
• All tapped energy is exported to KSEB, even if customer is away from home.( while KSEB is ON).
• Low investment as battery cost is eliminated.

• Need sanction from KSEB
• IF KSEB line is OFF all tapped energy is wasted since no exporting occurs.
• KSEB policies can change at any time as per the KSEB board. So unit adjustments and tariff paying back can change, favoring not to customer.
• In case of any fault occurrence, KSEB interferences at AE level is required to download all parameters in the inverter and to proceed further on rectification process .
• Only 15 % of transformer capacity will be allowed to export to that transformer, so 4 to5 people under that transformer only will get feasibility sanctions from KSEB.
• In future peak calculations will be implicated, so 5pm to 9pm will considered as peak time, and for this peak time tariff rate will be almost three times. Customer exporting is on non peak hours. In short customer will export on low price and will import on high price.
• For exporting the KSEB line voltage should be between 192 v and 264 v, so incase of low voltage or high voltage, exporting will not occur.
• For three phase connection, all phase should be on and should not be in low or high voltage condition.
• In case of fault at Net meter, the electricity to home will resume only after replacement of net meter. Buying new net meter, testing it and getting approval from KSEB will be under the responsibility of customer. At this stage we can’t predict the time /days required to complete this task. We expect KSEB to take appropriate solution for this.
• So for residential customers, who can manage to replace the battery after expected life time, best is to select OFF GRID system with battery, to cover the peak time .
• Maintaining OFF GRID inverter is much simpler than ON GRID inverter.
• After sale support is required for the solar system even after the warranty period, so should select a vendor who is expected to be at market for such long time, who is capable of modifying even the software.