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We are use world-class top-10 imported solar panels. Those are: Trina Solar Panels, JA Solar Panels, Canadian Solar Panels, Jinko Solar Panels, REC Solar panels, etc. It is a highly efficient ‘A’ grade Mono PERC full and half-cut solar panel manufactured using Advanced Robotic Technology.

World-class solar panel manufactures use fully robotic technology for the production process, while local manufacturers normally use manual techniques for their production. So, the efficiency of the local panel is less compared to the top 10 world-class panels.

We are "Murickens Group", one of the leading manufacturers and installers of solar products under the brand names of MG and Flyline. We always use the top 10 world-class solar panels for our products.

What is Half-Cut solar panel…?

Half-cut solar cells are cut into halves (two solar panels fixed in a single frame). The top and bottom portions work independently. One portion is active even if the other is shaded. It is applicable when the area has shade. That improves the solar module's performance. They are also known as "twin cells."

How do Half-Cut Solar Panels work…?

Robotic technology is used throughout the manufacturing process by the top ten world-class manufacturers. Here, solar modules are cut into two halves. Each half works as a separate unit. I.e., it works independently and each unit will produce separate current. The main advantage of half-cut solar panels is that they reduce manufacturing costs.

Let’s see, a half-cut solar panel with 600 W power requires only 2.2 meters of length and 1 meters of width.

We can use the full cut of two panels (300 W x 2 = 600 W panel) instead of the 600 W half cut. Each individual unit has 300 W of power, which requires a space of 1.6 meters in length and 1 meters in width for each panel. This requires space near to double compared to the 600 W half- cut single panel.

Manufacturers benefit the most from half-cut solar panels because they reduce their manufacturing costs in a frame, glass, and so on. In this way, customers have only one benefit, which is that they save some of their installation space. If there is any damage to the panel, that will affect the customer. All the benefits are to the manufacturers. In practical experience, full- cut small-wattage solar panels are very useful and more efficient compared to half-cut solar panels. But in the future, the market availability of solar panels will be in the form of half cuts.

Muricken's solar products have various top-level international quality certifications and awards. We also use highly efficient solar panels.

What is the benefit of half-cut cell solar panels…?

• Half-cut solar cells are more useful to the manufacturers. It reduces a lot of risk factors, like cell breakage during the manufacturing time.
• This reduces manpower, maintenance, and fabrication costs.
• One portion is active even if the other half is shaded.
• It not only cuts the cells in half but also reduces them overall manufacturing costs.
• Panel rates are calculated as per watts. It helps manufacturers to produce high capacity panels that can be accommodated in a limited space.
• On the customer side, the main benefit is to save installation space slightly.